St. Andrews Hasley Chapel

St. Andrews Hasley Chapel

St. Andrews Hasley Chapel

Recently completed St Andrews Hasley Chapel with the team from Layne Glass. This project had a design that really featured both the interior and exterior glass. The project was under a tight deadline and the entire team at Layne Glass stepped up to the plate every time to help the project be successful. Their field staff is very knowledgeable and proactive which helped keep things on track. The office team always communicated and kept our team informed of all things regarding our project. To help the project stay on track the Layne crew took on extra work that another out-of-town contractor was unable to complete. They even helped another trade resolve some punch items!  It did not matter what was needed they were there for the success of the project. Layne Glass is a true trade partner who values being part of the team. The extraordinary effort by Layne Glass was a big part of making this project successful.

There aren’t enough good things that can be said about Layne Glass. The communication from their team from the very top all the way to the field was top-notch. Phone calls and emails were always returned which is rare these days. Commitments were made and completed as promised. Collaboration with all trade partners was crucial in eliminating problems before they were an issue. The Layne team was committed to the success of the project even to the point that they assisted with additional scope that others were not able to accommodate. Without the efforts of Layne Glass, this project would not have met the high expectations of the owner and design team. The mindset and can-do attitude of everyone really sets them apart! They truly value relationships, teamwork, and quality!

Layne Glass, even when asked to fix punch items that were not installed by Layne (break metal flashings) and finishing out their punch items Layne is able to always keep commitments & work is great. Would love to use it on the next project

Layne Glass The Foreman is Robert. Good communication, showing up for huddles, paperwork always in order, verifying layout early, and helping diagnose any problems with steel framing early to allow for timely corrections so as not to delay the schedule.

Layne Glass, they have always managed to pull off what seems to be impossible, in a quick amount of time. All the scope adds that have been added to them haven’t complained they just asked how they could help and they got it done with no problem! Hands down one of my favorite trades throughout this project.

Layne Glass, with all the shifting that has gone on Layne has managed to stay on top of things & not lose track of what is still needed to get the CO for this project, they have adapted to changes in grading, accessibility, minor scope adds, and rework.

-Jim Guntorius

General Superintendent

Talley Riggins Construction Group