Window Glazier

Window Glazier

Full Time 30 November - 2023 6:18 pm
Employment Information
01 May-2024
Full Time
$16-30 Hr
We are looking for Window Glaziers to join our team at Layne Glass and AAA Glass Lead Glaziers with experience.  Glaziers and Glass Installers with little or no experience, we are willing to train you in our trade.
Other Benefits
• Pay is Negotiable Based on Experience, $16 - $30 per hour. • 401(k) • Medical Insurance • Dental Insurance •
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    Layne Glass has built a reputation for excellence in the glass industry. Known for its commitment to quality and innovation, Layne Glass specializes in [specific areas such as architectural glass, automotive glass, etc.]. Explore our career opportunities to be part of a company with a rich history of delivering cutting-edge glass solutions.
  • 2. What career development opportunities does Layne Glass offer?

    At Layne Glass, we believe in investing in our employees' growth. Our career development programs are designed to nurture talent and provide a clear path for advancement. Whether you are starting your career or seeking new challenges, discover how Layne Glass can support your professional journey.
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    Layne Glass is committed to environmental responsibility and sustainability. Learn about our initiatives to reduce our environmental footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future. Explore career opportunities with Layne Glass and be part of a company that values corporate responsibility and ethical business practices.