1944- Early Years

Founded in 1944 by George Layne, Layne Glass Company has grown from a small mom-and-pop glass shop to the go-to source for commercial glazing in North Texas. In 1959, Layne Glass's next journey began as Gaylord Van Y assumed ownership and operations and steered Layne through the 1960s and 1970s. At that time, Layne became known as the best commercial glazier in the Dallas/Fort Worth region. In the early 1980s, Steve Van Y became business partners with his father, Gaylord. The two were unwavering in their commitment to quality and had a true passion for the glass industry.


In 2013, Cliff Wright and his father, Jerry Wright, became the owners and operators of Layne Glass. Jerry also owned AAA Glass, which specializes in glass repair and replacement for the DFW area. AAA Glass was founded by Jerry's father, JC Wright, in 1962 after years of helping manage Layne Glass' operations in the 50s. After Jerry's passing in 2014, Cliff Wright assumed operations of Layne Glass and AAA Glass and eventually moved the two companies into one building. Layne Glass continued to lead in the commercial glazing world, and AAA Glass excelled in the glass industry's service side.



In 2023, Brad Chapman, a longtime friend of Cliff's, became an owner and partner of Layne Glass. Together, Brad and Cliff worked on rebranding and refining Layne and AAA.

As Layne Glass turns 80 in 2024, we are now all under the Layne Glass brand and officially a full-service glass company specializing in commercial contract glazing and commercial service work.

Throughout our rich history, Layne Glass Company has left an indelible mark on Fort Worth’s skyline, contributing to the city’s architectural tapestry. Our projects tell the story of our commitment to quality, reliability, and creativity. As we look to the future, we continue to build upon the foundation laid by Samuel Layne, embracing new technologies and design paradigms to shape the next era of architectural glass and glazing. Join us as we celebrate 80 years of excellence and embark on a journey to create even more breathtaking, innovative, and sustainable glass solutions for Fort Worth and beyond. At Layne Glass Company, the reflection of our history is in every pane we install, and the transparency of our dedication shines through in every project we undertake.